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Gardner Writes is the work of Gardner Campbell, who writes, opines, thinks aloud, and makes well-meaning mistakes only for himself in this blog, not on behalf of his employer, family, friends, or anyone else.

Click on the following link to download my most recent curriculum vitae (MS Word)Campbell_CV_01142013.

My most recent biographical sketch is on the EDUCAUSE website:


6 thoughts on “Bio, CV, Disclaimer

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  2. Hi,
    wondering if you have contact information for Eddie Dean?

    Doing a piece for I.D. Channel on the Susan Cummings/Roberto Villegas case. He wrote a spectacular piece on it in 1997 for City Paper.


  3. I’ve heard you speak at events several times but your keynote today at VCU online learning summit was right-on and full of inspiration for thinking and aspiring for wisdom in the Arts of Freedom. As I gave my presentation on the sense of “presence” when online I kept wrapping back to the notion of the “search for the implicit human”. Thank you

  4. Dear Mr. Campbell,

    I feel sorry that I still didn’t have time to read your posts. But, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in Rome (AMICAL Conference). You are a born teacher and your presentation has inspired me.

    May God Bless you!

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