Puttin' in the fix

I’ve upgraded to WP 2.8.3 and run through some of my usual copy-and-paste-and-hack “fixes” for some header problems the ol’ blog was having lately. Actually, *I* was having the problems; my blog was the helpless bystander.

In any event, please let me know if Gardner Writes is not rendering properly in your browser. The header image should be clickable and should display the image of me on Hergest Ridge. I’ve tested in Chrome, Firefox, and IE8, and so far all is well. One day I’ll make it all perfect and pass the W3C validator as well. But not today.

Special thanks to Jim Cofer for this screencast, which helped me get my efforts a little more front-to-back instead of my usual back-to-front (though I’m sure I’d qualify as one of his “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” folks).

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