Fifty modern thinkers on education

Hillary Blakeley, a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience and the Academy for Teaching and Learning‘s first Graduate Fellow, has launched an interesting series of posts over at Blogging on the Brain. She’s working through the book pictured above, selecting thinkers she’d like to respond to, and blogging about them from her own experience as a student, a teacher, and a brain scientist. Think of it as a summer reading project we can all participate in, with Hillary framing the issues to spark the conversation. By the end of the project, which may well continue through the fall, Hillary’s posts will also be a valuable resource for the ATL and for anyone interested in teaching and learning.

Feel free to comment, or to link to Hillary’s posts in true distributed-conversation style, or to do both. If you’d like to get a copy of the book to read along, so much the better. There’s even a Kindle edition available if that’s your platform of choice.

One thought on “Fifty modern thinkers on education

  1. What great work you are doing. We could all benefit from the program you’ve put in place-reading, reflecting, learning, growing. I am wondering what small part of that we might model at FA, perhaps starting with a book.

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