When a Facebook status update just isn't enough

Thirty years ago today a great, great thing happened: Alice and I were married. 10 a.m., outside in the Mary Washington College Amphitheatre, which scores of Governor’s School students had swept clean for us the day before. It was a hot and humid day, but the rain held off, the ice cream held out, and the adventure began.

Alice’s father, a Presbyterian minister, performed the ceremony, assisted by my uncle Fred Gardner, a Baptist minister. Yes, an ecumenical service indeed. Apparently the combination was magic, and it can now be revealed, dear reader.

My father was my best man. He’s been gone now for seventeen years. My mother died twenty years ago this September. My uncle Fred passed away several years before that. They are greatly missed, every day. I like to think they would still recognize us as the kids they knew. We’ve lived and lived through a lot in these thirty years, but we’re both pretty stubborn about hanging on to that spark.

I am grateful for that spark. And I am grateful for Alice.

The adventure continues.

20 thoughts on “When a Facebook status update just isn't enough

  1. Happy 30th! I had no idea that the two of you got hitched right here at UMW (or MWC, I should say) May the two of you have many more years of books, Beatles, and watching them (not so little) babies grow :o)

  2. Gardner,

    thanks so much for sharing this with us. We’re only at 28.2, so your example gives us hope 😉 What are you doing to celebrate?

  3. I’d say this post demands pictures. All of us want to see what Gardner and Alice looked like then. And we also want to know what music and what poetry were associated with the ceremony. Can’t just tease us with the summary, my friend.

  4. Always late these days. I wish you and Alice all the best. I miss you both. When is that Milton reading going to happen? I’ve never been to Texas, you know, and there is a Hitty who would love to visit too. Seriously, Happy Anniversary!! Happy

  5. I can only hope that if and when I reach my 30 year anniversary that I’ll have something as special as you and Alice have together.
    Congrats Gardo!

  6. Thanks to everyone for these wonderful responses. For the record, we celebrated with a day trip to Austin for the whole family. Gueros for lunch, South Congress for afternoon fun, Amy’s when the heat peaked, then to Book People and various record stores, closing with a trip to Ranch616 where we had an overpriced but fun evening meal.

    A splendid time was had by all.

    For the 60th it’s skydiving for sure. I’ve been wearing Alice down steadily in that regard, and I figure another 30 years should just about convince her. Wish me luck!

    EDIT: Ah, a request for pictures. Funny, we were just thinking about that. We’ve got an album full but they’ve never been digitized. A project. Well, two projects: find the album after the move, and then digitize them….

  7. Hi, Dr. C!

    Just wanted to check in…. Mark and I just celebrated our first anniversary on the 12th. It’s been a WONDERFUL first year and I can’t tell you how blessed I am. We’re currently living in Hampton, VA; Mark is an IT guy and I’m a stay-at-home wifelette, but might substitute in the fall. We’ll see. Miss you MUCH and hope you’re well. Happy Anniversary!

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