The CogDog's joyous barks at Baylor

The CogDog rocks the house at Baylor  

Baylor University welcomed to its campus yesterday the CogDog himself, Alan Levine,  for conversation, tours, and an afternoon presentation titled “NMC 101, An Introduction to the New Media Consortium.” Baylor joined the New Media Consortium last fall, and yesterday Alan gave us a great overview of what the NMC offers. We learned how Baylor can not only participate in the work but be a vital contributor to it as well. Folks in the audience included deans, department chairs, faculty from Environmental Studies, English, Business, Social Work, Film & Digital Media, and other departments I’ve no doubt overlooked, There were grad students, as well as staff from IT and the Baylor Libraries, including many of my colleagues from the Electronic Library (which co-sponsored the event along with the Academy for Teaching and Learning). It was a great mix of people and a good turn-out for a Friday afternoon.

Alan preps for his Baylor

Alan’s presentation was comprehensive and engaging as always. We even got into Second Life for a bit, and talked with some folks who’d answered Alan’s call for help with a live demo. By the time the event ended, there was food for thought for many mental meals to come. There was also a sense in the room that our horizons had been expanded, with excellent opportunities awaiting for individual work and for fruitful collaboration.

 But was there ever a bonus round

In the Dorothy Riley Conference Room   


That bonus round was just having Alan here on the campus. We toured current digitization projects in the Baylor libraries. We toured computer labs, a neuroscience lab, and other sites where creativity and information technologies were melding in interesting and productive ways. (I learned a ton myself, seeing it all afresh through Alan’s eyes.) And during every moment, I could see Alan catalyzing conversation, putting people at their ease, showing genuine interest and a playful sense of expectancy in each encounter. I know it’ll embarrass Alan for me to say this, but I’ve got to do it: he’s got a tremendous gift (I’d call it both playful and soulful) for bringing out the best and happiest qualities in people. I listened carefully to the way Alan asked questions, to the way he made people feel good about their work and excited by the possibilities ahead. I could feel both energy and openness increase in every room.

I’m certainly feeling that way myself, and I’m also feeling very grateful to Alan for spending some time with us. 

Alan Levine and Eric Ames

Hillary shows off her neuroscience lab to Alan Levine

When I think of the amazing people I’ve met over the last six years, I’m humbled. These are the people who’re heeding Doug Engelbart’s call to change the world. This is the caravan I want to be part of.

4 thoughts on “The CogDog's joyous barks at Baylor

  1. “He blogs me, he really really blogs me!”

    Allow me to pick my humbled self off the floor to say thank you for a great visit at Baylor. It is so worth it when the chance comes to “be there” in person.

    And what a treat it is to watch a movie on the couch at the home of Dr Glu and learn more about a movie than I would ever get watching it alone.

  2. Lucky you, you got to spend quality time with the dog. I agree with your description of Alan to both excite and engage everyone he is around, and what is remarkable to be is how subtle and honest it is at the same time. He probably will get embarrassed because it is simply in his nature.

    It’s good to see you bringing in the guns to Baylor and getting the party started. I can feel the momentum push, and when you get going, Texas will be a whole lot smaller.

    Giddy up!

  3. Great post about Alan and his visit to Baylor. I’m continually impressed by what your Academy for Teaching and Learning is doing at Baylor, Gardner. And I just checked out your Electronic Library-wow, that’s progressive and impressive! Let me know when you’re ready for a Second Life librarian!

  4. Nice to see our gurus come together… Should spark some interesting innovations. Delaware will be keeping an eye on you, so keep blogging!

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