Site upgraded, mess ensues

Just did an upgrade from 2.I-forget to 2.7.1. Oh Brave New World, etc. Please pardon the more-than-usual disarray here as I work on the site over the next few days, weeks, months….

EDIT: I should be less cryptic. It was a huge upgrade that actually went very smoothly aside from my kludgey header image set-up, one that I put together way back in the day and never really coded properly (it seems). Now I’m in a widget-ready theme and building back all the little affordances on the sidebar–nice. I’ve just got to get “really real” with a few of the innards, which means a little time skating up the learning curve again. Not a big deal, just a small pain, and one of my own (un)making.

3 thoughts on “Site upgraded, mess ensues

  1. It’s been a while since I last visited my Bluehost admin, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Simple Scripts now offers the option to convert your Fantastico site to one managed by Simple Scripts. I took a deep breath and clicked on the link. In less than a minute Simple Scripts imported my personal blog’s settings. I could then upgrade to 2.7.1 (from 2.6.5). Other than needing to re-establish my WordPress Stats API key, there were no errors.

    I turned around and did the same for

    Very happy to have made the move.

    Hope things settle down for you quickly and easily.

  2. Oh dear. Changes are good but oh so troublesome. I’ve missed hearing from you. Good luck with your adjustments to the new blog version. Happy

  3. Interesting syllabus – reminds me of a Film as a Narrative Art class I took from Dr K at Davidson some years ago. At any rate, just wanted to say that anyone that teaches Simak is OK in my book. Drop me a line if you have a few.

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