Shane! Come back!

Very funny and poignant post over at Scott Leslie’s place detailing his “Twitter cycle,” one that I suspect describes a lot of us after Twitter‘s hairball-after-hairball performance over the last week-plus.

The practical consequences of his goodbye, however, are hard to contemplate, so I’m hoping Scott will reconsider. I remember a former colleague (and continuing colleague in the larger sense) being so frustrated with Second Life that he tipped his hat in similar fashion and Just Rode Away. Alan called “come back.” Today that colleague is the proud owner of land and elegant housing in SL. And we can all play in his happy world.

So here’s my open letter to Scott Leslie. Not calling you out, Scott, but trying to enlarge the recent UMW lovefest to say “hey, come be one of the Augmenters! Come tweet some more!” Chris is getting into powerpop, Jim is preparing a culture war (I hate the term but I’m curious about the response, ’cause who doesn’t like reading Jim’s stuff?), Serena’s starting a new job after being locked out of her apartment overnight, and that’s just since 4 a.m. I need a Scott Leslie update!

I know you’re not fishing for folks to say “please oh please come back,” but please oh please come back. I fixed the problem of my messed-up friend/follower database (what did Twitter do to me?) by putting all my updates on the public timeline again. Why not? I’ll not be arranging choreographed illicitness on Twitter, anyway. And I’m digging Twitter for all the reasons you cited–and being very frustrated for all the reasons you cited–but digging it less with you not in the mix.

Second Life used to make me gnash my teeth. Still does at times. Catch SL at the wrong moment and the colleague I’m encouraging to try it out will run screaming from the room. The same things have happened with just about every bootstrapped, cash-poor startup I’ve encountered. If Twitter is still behaving this way in a month, I’ll say adios too. But right now, it’s the best thing going and has the best chance of mattering to me for at least the short term. Jaiku is like a poorly mastered CD played too loud. Twitter is a shambling wreck sometimes, but it has a homespun charm and looks much less money-centered (sure, that may be why the servers lack sysops).

But my main argument here is that Twitter would be much cooler for me if you were still around, so I could get to know you better and tap into your expertise, sensibilities, and wonderfully apt surname. A Hammond B-3 is a finicky, heavy beast, but there’s no substitute for that sound through a Leslie….

10 thoughts on “Shane! Come back!

  1. Dr. C

    I’ve travelled all around the net recently due to your links here! Faculty Academy even has a post up I’m dying to respond to. :o) I came across the twitter thing by accident. Lost the link to your blog [note to self: bi-focals are good] and googled your name. Twitter seems to be an instant method of communication? I know I was the ever-silent student in your class, but what does twitter do for people and communication? I know it looks fun and it keeps you connected. Would you ever experimentally use it to bring out the less verbal students in your classes?

  2. @Mary-Kathryn: You bet I would. Nefarious geniuses in DTLT and among my colleagues are plotting and planning even as we speak (or whatever it is we’re doing right now). And where nefarious geniuses are plotting and planning, Dr. C. will not be far behind–nor will he be denied.:)

    @Alan: How could I forget such an obvious thing. I plead Very Little Sleep last night. Plus, I will fix the link posthaste. Apologies!

  3. I don’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I actually signed up for the Twitter thing. Could it be that I’m loosening my grip on the pen and paper?

    I think Twitter will do well for the shy ones, give them a chance to find their voice.

  4. Yeah, missing Scott as well, we bonded over PJ Harvey and several other free associations. Twitter’s almost as cool as Foucault! I’m coming to get you, Campbell:)

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  6. Gardner, I wrote a reply in the comment thread on my own blog, but just wanted to say I really appreciated your note and whether it be in twitter or not, I do look forward to continuing to get to know you (and Jim and Bryan and…). So don’t worry, I’ll be around, after all, you know what they say about us Leslies, we make the sound go round!

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