TLT Fellows first-year panel discussion


Steve Gallik, Charlie Sharpless, Marjorie Och, Ernie Ackermann, and Craig Vasey are discussing their work as UMW’s first cohort of TLT Fellows. It’s great to hear their responses, particularly the extent to which their group meetings were important. Cohorts can yield impressive synergy. They can also help to form real school–at a very intimate level. I’m proud of my colleagues for their commitment to a year of hard work and intense fellowship.

Send not to learn for whom the faculty develop. They develop for thee.

2 thoughts on “TLT Fellows first-year panel discussion

  1. Gotta love the fact that these faculty didn’t run in the same circles before, but now have a different type of relationship with each other because of their TLT Fellowship. We need more of this mixing of faculty at UMW!

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