Readathon soundscape

Dr. C. eats the apple

Yes, this time I had to eat the apple. (Photo credit: Serena Epstein.)

I feel like my circadian rhythms are nearly back to normal, but before I altogether lose that all-night altered consciousness, I thought it might be good silly fun to podcast some poignant readathon moments from this year’s event. In order, you’ll hear the impromptu kitchen Beatles singalong just before we launched into Book 9, an improvised Satan Blues with Tyler Babbie on harp and vocals, the unison reading that always closes our readathons, and the responses that followed the end of the reading. The last exclamation is one of my favorite moments from any of the readathons.

A souvenir, a silly symphony with a serious ending. And a gift for my fellow Miltonauts.


One thought on “Readathon soundscape

  1. hahaha, that’s wonderful.
    I’m a little concerned that our Beatles singalong got caught on tape. Makes me self-conscious.

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