A slightly belated thank you to Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander, 2005

Bryan at the UMW Faculty Academy, 2005. Note the aura, even then.

I should have done this Saturday, but Monday will have to do. Thanks, Bryan Alexander, for directing our week of digital literacy at Open Learning ’17. I met Bryan in January, 2004, in San Diego, at a conference of the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, the predecessor organization to the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. I was so inspired by Bryan’s closing talk on mobile learning that I rushed the stage afterward and secured a follow-up conversation at a local burger emporium, where I met yet another Br*an for the first time–a story for another post.

Since that time, I have been very fortunate to know Bryan as a colleague, a mentor, a teacher, and a friend. The moral is clear: be a fanboy–not that I need any encouragement.

Bryan did his work for Open Learning ’17 while doing all the other Paul Bunyan/Dan’l Webster work he does: a reading group, his writing, his ed-futures forum, his consulting, his Future Trends in Technology and Education reporting, his speaking, strenuous home-work in his Vermont redoubt, being a loving and supportive family man, and keeping up with film, music, and various gothic frisson-producing wonderments. How he made time for our Virginia Faculty Collaboratives project is a secret he shares with his clones, but we are all very grateful nonetheless.

Thanks for the week of digital literacy, Bryan. Or, as I have learned the Norwegians say, “thanks for that you are you.”

2 thoughts on “A slightly belated thank you to Bryan Alexander

  1. I asked the clones to comment, Gardner, but they claim to be already performing other tasks. So it’s up to me.

    Many thanks, first, for the opportunity to be unleashed upon your project and its delightful people.
    Second, thank you for this very kind post. It means a great deal to me. Back at you in the Norwegian way.

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