A conversation with Susan Albertine about Faculty Collaboratives

Virginia’s Faculty Collaboratives “Innovation Hub,” the site of an upcoming connectivist MOOC called “Open Learning,” is now open! (Makes sense, yes?) Please visit our Faculty Collaboratives/Open Learning hub to join up and explore the journey that awaits.

You may wonder, “what’s Faculty Collaboratives?” I put that very question to the AAC&U’s Dr. Susan Albertine, designer and leader of this initiative. In part one of our conversation, Dr. Albertine explains the history, mission, and aspirations of the project.

In part two of our conversation, coming soon, Dr. Albertine expands on the idea of “mind-liberating” education at the heart of Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP).

Virginia is proud to be one of those thirteen LEAP states Dr. Albertine describes. We’re also a Phase 2 Faculty Collaboratives participant. And because Virginia!, we’re doing something unique with this cMOOC learning opportunity.

Join us!

2 thoughts on “A conversation with Susan Albertine about Faculty Collaboratives

  1. Greetings
    I’m a retired scientific glassblower that has returned to a California Community College to update my skills and complete my Associates degree. I have been researching AAC&U’s LEAP and VALUE as well as eportfolios for lifetime learners. After eight years of collaboration between California and the AAC&U, I have found no one that is aware of LEAP in one of the largest CC Districts in the largest CC system, although I have spent years in shared governance and know most of the leaders in my CCCD. The cynic in me notices that most grant money goes to administration and very little ever finds its way to where it can actually help the students that have the greatest need.
    I’m looking forward to learning more through #openlearning17 as I decide whether or not to continue in higher education. I look forward to working with you both on the internets.

  2. Mark’s comments get straight to the point. How do faculty and administrative leaders find effective ways to network–so that we advance students’ learning? I can think of a lot of excuses for missing the best networking opportunities in the California Community Colleges. But instead of offering excuses, I’d like to continue moving ahead. That’s the point of the Faculty Collaboratives Open Learning ’17

    Thank you, Mark, for the reality check. I hope you will keep on!

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