Gregory Bateson I

Some men seem able to go on working steadily with little success and no reassurance from outside. I am not one of these. I have needed to know that somebody else believed that my work had promise and direction, and I have often been surprised that others had faith in me when I had very little in myself…. I therefore have to thank many people and institutions for backing me, at times when I did not consider myself a good bet.

“Foreword, 1971” in Steps to an Ecology of Mind (University of Chicago Press, 1972, reprinted with a new Foreword by Mary Catherine Bateson, 2000)

One thought on “Gregory Bateson I

  1. Hmmm…this first post after missing your voice here for far too long prompts me to say that yes, indeed that are many of us who have faith in you, your work, your voice, the direction you show, and the promise of your thinking. Please. Come back here and say more. There is life-giving/restoring energy to be had from these connections. Touch them again and see what I mean.
    I am always listening.

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