Before This Day Is Done

In the waning moments of one of the most remarkable days of my life, I set this down as a reminder of the answer I received:

I believe real school is possible.

I believe I am discovering a community, here and at home and elsewhere on this planet, that can preserve, renew, and re-imagine real school in higher education.

I believe I can help these efforts, both as myself and as part of this community.

I believe I must help. This is my vocation.

I will hope, with “a heart full of grace” and “a soul generated by love.” This too is my vocation.

Remember this.

11 thoughts on “Before This Day Is Done

  1. Right, betsy – we are all in this together now. (Well, it isn’t that weren’t all in together before,it’s just all this dang awareness)

  2. As I read the words of “Before This Day Is Done” I can still hear the warm mellow sounds of Gardner’s voice floating through the air. It’s as though his voice flows like a slow river on a warm summer day. It moves around your mind like the sweet smell of fresh clover, and relaxes you with its enourmous yet gentle strength.

    His voice relaxes the mind, and provides soft memories of the Frye experience. It’s like an ember from a fire raising up towards the dark blue summer sky. It floats upward as to provide a small light for the future. I can see 45 of them dancing upward. I am glad to be one of those embers. Let’s keep the embers burning. Thanks Gardner.

  3. Thanks, Gardner! Following up on Jim’s comment about voice, I remarked to my wife yesterday that I could really hear all of you as the listserv messages came in. Perhaps this is because we got to know one another in a live setting, and learned to recognize one another by voice, turn of phrase, expression, etc.

  4. As I meander through various links related to Frye, and attempt to regain some of the feelings of community that existed at Frye – I’m really glad I stumbled on “Before This Day Is Done”. Tomorrow’s another day. Thank you!

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  6. As I read this near 9 months later – I hear the voices so clear, see the faces, the smiles, the nuance of gesture and intonation and smile. It’s like a fresh breeze on the embers, re-igniting, restoring the glow that’s been lost, buried in the ashes of the day-to-day demands.
    Thanks for helping me, us, remember.

  7. Tim, your comment draws me back to this post, and plants me deep into the memories. The feeling I have is very bittersweet. Thank you for bringing this moment back into my life today.

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