A Donne A Day 1: "The Good Morrow"

Here’s my summer podcast series: A Donne A Day. Each day I’ll read a poem by the English Renaissance poet John Donne. The idea is to share this extraordinary poetry with you, to read it in such a way that it’s more intelligible than it would be if you simply read it silently off the page yourself, and to create a little archive of recordings that can serve as a resource for my students when I teach my Donne seminar in the fall.

Yes, I know: grades were due yesterday at noon. I have no teaching responsibilities until August. And here I go, creating teaching materials.

None of my fellow teachers will be surprised.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts. Not all of them will have commentary or reminiscences. Actually, most of them will not. But today I wanted to make a special dedication to a former teacher who changed my life for the better, Dr. Michael Roman.

Thanks, Dr. Roman. This one’s going out to you: “The Good Morrow,” by John Donne.


7 thoughts on “A Donne A Day 1: "The Good Morrow"

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  3. Yes indeed. Some huge life changes have put the series on hiatus, but I’ll be putting the rest out asap. Thanks for asking.

  4. A precursor to Milton, eh?
    Can I first hear more Donne, please?
    Who painted the portrait?
    Was he very tall as the hand suggests?

    PS: I saw him first, in 1954, read by John Reid.

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