More Business Coverage of Podcasts

Technology Review blogger Wade Roush notes two new high-profile articles on blogging and podcasting. One is a Business Week cover story, the other a feisty essay on podcasting by’s Sam Whitmore. I’m not surprised to see a blogger celebrate the disruptive power of these new media, but when Business Week and Forbes register their strong agreement with this thesis, I feel the lines being redrawn once again.

Mainstream media analyzing their own disruption. Business Week starting its own blog, and announcing it in an article that’s a peculiar simulacrum of a blog, one that strikes me as a hand-holding exercise in executive desensitization. A Forbes columnist whose podcast is called “Closet Deadhead,” and whose efforts to license the music he podcasts reveal just how slow the copyright holders are to formulate policies in this area.

Interesting times. Feed your head indeed.

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